3 Month Certificated Academic School in Mediation & Conflict Resolution (CAS in MCR)

Date of Event: 

Monday, August 17, 2015 (All day) to Tuesday, November 17, 2015 (All day)




Institute for Peace and Dialogue, IPD in Switzerland

3 Month Certificated Academic School in Mediation & Conflict Resolution (CAS in MCR)

27 August - 27 November, 2015    

Project Introduction

Institute for Peace & Dialogue, IPD is very glad to announce its new program Certificated Academic School in Mediation and Conflict Resolution.

The main goal of the CAS Program in Mediation and Conflict Resolution is to support institutional academic mediation and conflict resolution education and enhance the skills of the representatives of state organs, business sector, INGOs, education institutes and independent mediators.

CAS program will surround most of the below stated topics:

  1. Commercial mediation: Decreasing inner conflicts with business partners, with potential clients, between employers and between employer-leadership etc.
  2. Community, family and state level mediation.
  3. Dispute resolution and conflicts transformation.
  4. Diversity at work and society: Understanding culture and cultural differences.
  5. Negotiation, litigation and arbitration processes.
  6. Cross cultural presentation skills. Audience falling asleep or falling apart: How to avoid that?
  7. Working with or in intercultural teams and intercultural management.
  8. Inner peace, inner power and tolerance: Profiling vs. stereotyping.
  9. Confidence building measures, leadership and teambuilding.
  10. Constructive and nonviolent communication.
  11. Conflict transformation in interpersonal and intragroup relations (for instance with customers, colleagues or partner companies).
  12. Human rights, justice and respect. 
  13. Peacebuilidng missions, arms control, disarmament and security sector.

Within the study period we plan to include different workshops, lectures, presentations, interactive group works, brainstorming on conflict places, mediation operations and peace negotiation activities as well as case studies on ongoing-fragile conflicts, disputes in the world and daily business-personal life.

Participants will acquire knowledge and skills from lecturers/experts who are working on peace building, mediation, negotiation, conflict transformation, intercultural dialogue and non-violence and other correspond fields at the state organs, companies, universities, INGOs and research centers. 

Every expert will take 2 days in a week for his/her lecture and workshops. We will send regularly the educational materials and daily program of the CAS programs to the selected participants.

Besides the academic-educational side a cultural program in the arriving (Welcome Party) and departure days (Farewell Party) is planned to bring friendly atmosphere and environment between the participants..

General CAS Program consists of participation in the academic classes and writing research paper (Minimum 2 Pages) on Mediation & Conflict Resolution. We will place all the written research materials in the web page of IPD.

Important Dates & Times of CAS Program 2015

  • Arriving & Registration of Participants: 17 August, 2015 (Hotel registration starts after 12:00am)
  • Opening Ceremony & Welcome Party: 17  August, 2015 at 19:00pm - 21:30pm
  • Breakfast Time: 07:00am - 09:00am
  • Morning Workshops Period: 09:00am - 12:30am
  • First Break Time: 10:30am - 11:00am
  • Lunch Time (Every Monday and Tuesday): 12:30am - 14:00pm
  • Afternoon Workshops Period: 14:00pm - 17:00pm
  • Second Break Time: 15:30pm - 16:00pm
  • Certification of Participants & Farewell Party: 26  November, 2015 at 19:00pm - 21:30pm
  • Departure of Participants: 27  November, 2015 (Hotel departure till the 12:00am)
  • Class days: Every Monday and Tuesday

CAS Program Language

The Certificated Academic School will be held in English language.

Potential Participants

There are no age or country limits for the participation. A broad range of interested participants can apply for the CAS program in Mediation and Conflict Resolution such as:

- Representatives of Government Organs, Diplomatic Organs, Courts and Political Parties: To get knowledge on how to deal, manage and solve conflicts between states, between civil society leaders, political party leaders and between government-civil society institutions.

- Representatives of Business Institutes and Private Sector: To get knowledge on how to deal, manage and solve conflicts with potential clients, with business partners, between employers and between employer-leadership.

- Representatives of IOs, INGOs and Local NGOs: To get knowledge on how to deal, manage and solve conflicts in conflict region and fields between conflict parties, civil society and political party leaders.

- Representatives of Universities and Academic Staff: To get knowledge on how to develop teaching, study and research methodologies.

- Representatives of Media Institution: To get knowledge on how to deal, manage and solve conflicts in conflict region and fields.

- Mediators, peacebuilders, researchers and any interested people who want to develop their academic knowledge and capacities in Peacebuilding, Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Intercultural Dialogue, who have intention to work as mediator, who wants to join missions in conflict regions, who wants to investigate academically and who work or live in countries/society with ongoing tensions and stress.

NOTE: After evaluation of the participants’ application we will send the conditional invitation letter to start the participation fee payment process. After receiving the participation fee we will send unconditional invitation letter to the participants by email/post and by fax to the relevant embassy which you mentioned in your filled application form.


Requested below stated documents for participation have to be sent till the 15 May, 2015 to the email fhuseynli@ipdinstitute.ch. Please send your application in WORD format include your CV, Passport Page (Only photo page) and name your documents as “NAME” “SURNAME” “COUNTRY” “DOCUMENTS NAME”

Participation Fee

Participation fee is 7700EUR to stay in a Double Room (Room for 2 participants) or 8800EUR to stay in a Single Room (Room only for 1 participant) For credit card payments such as visa, mastercard, amex or discover, click here..

A) What is included in the participation fee during the CAS Program period?

  • Accommodation + breakfast during the whole 3 month CAS program period
  • Lunch expenses only in Monday and Tuesday included
  • 2 times Coffee-Break per day only in Monday and Tuesday included
  • Course & Stationary Materials (File, notebook and pen)
  • WiFi Free Internet Connection
  • Welcome & Farewell Parties
  • Sightseeing and local travel program ticket.

B) What is not included in the program fee?
Extra accommodation nights and meal expenses, international travel and travel related expenses (visa & insurance fee expenses) are not included in the participation fee. Participation fee is not cover the extra persons’ (family members, relatives, friends, colleagues etc.) accommodation expenses. 

C) Participation fee payment process 

After evaluation of your application we will send you the conditional invitation letter to start the payment of the participation fee to the below stated bank account. After receiving the participation fee we will send the unconditional invitation letter to the participants by email and post to them mail address and also by fax to the relevant embassy which you mentioned in your filled application form.

Bank account information to transfer the participation fee:

  • Bank Name: PostFinance AG
  • Address: Mingerstrasse 20, 3030 Bern, Switzerland
  • Account number: 91-806816-2
  • IBAN: CH50 0900 0000 9180 6816 2

Cancellation Rules & Dates of Participation

Please note that after submission of the application in any case of the participation cancellation till the 15 June, 2015 the charge 700€ (Plus bank transfer costs will be extra charge) will be deducted from the participation fee for the administrative charges.

Participation cancellation till the 15 August, 2015 the charge will be 1000€ (Bank transfer costs will be extra charge) from the paid participation fee. Participation cancellation after the 15 August, 2015 the charge will be 1500€ (Bank transfer costs will be extra charge)

Scholarship: IPD offers several type of scholarship support to minimize the participation fee amount of most needed potential participants from all over world counties. In this matter to request discounted participation fee amount payment, please write your request briefly via email before or during the application submission period. Unfortunately IPD scholarship program can’t cover all the participation fee amount and international travel expenses.

Support Us

We all know that organizing such kind of international academic programs are quite expensive and very hard. So to help us in this matter, we invite all the companies, state organs, foundations, think tank institutes, universities, embassies and individual philanthropies for close partnership and to invest capital to the institutional development of academic peace and mediation education.

Your donation will give financial help in form of scholarships to motivated participants from the most needed areas of the world to apply their acquired knowledge in peace building in their countries to pave the way for a better future. On the same time sponsoring to the CAS program of IPD, will help your company/institution to be every month in the attention of 1000s web site visitors from all over the world countries. The entire sponsor’s name will be placed in the promotional materials of the CAS program.  

We are here for any questions with great pleasure and look forward to receive your filled application.

Hope to see you among us this summer in Switzerland.