Seattle Constellations

Compassionate Seattle is a grassroots movement and community building effort focused on bringing compassion to our work, business, our life in Seattle and our surrounding region. We rely on volunteers and donations from our members and supporters. Please consider donating on your credit card or mail us a check. If you wish to use your credit card, use this secure link to make payment. Our vision deeply rooted in collective impact, we've organized ourselves into several constellations of organizations, networks, and individuals, in several different areas. Constellations are self-organizing compassionate action teams made up of stakeholders representing those affected by a critical community issue. They provide an inclusive and creative environment for dialogue and deep collaboration, and represent the “human engines” for social change. Explore our constellations, and see which motivates you to get involved!

  •    Neighborhoods (Honoring Beloved Community)- focusing on relationships
  •    Compassion Games- how we celebrate compassion!
  •    Racial Inequity and Privilege- how these sytems impact our communities and the work we do
  •    Homelessness and Housing- caring for basic human needs
  •    Youth At-Promise- we see our youth as having great potential, rather than at risk
  •    Compassionate Schools- safe, relevant, equitable access
  •    Economic Justice- sustainable economic independance
  •    Health and Wellness- caring for hollistic human needs through all stages of life
  •    Spiritual Grounding- deepening the spiritual connections in our work