PLEASE JOIN US FOR OUR MONTHLY Sharing and Learning Circle & Potluck Saturday March 14, 2015, 10AM-1PM!


Roanoke House ~ 2601 Broadway Avenue E, Seattle

(corner of E Broadway & Roanoke Street, across from the Fire Station, 1 block south of St Patrick’s Church).


Potluck style, please bring a dish for 10-15 to share. If unable to bring a dish, $5 donation welcomed.

In our March Sharing and Learning Circle, we will invite our compassionate community to answer the question: “What would you expect from a Compassionate City?” In 2010 Seattle’s City Council and Mayor signed a document proclaiming that Seattle would be a compassionate city by 2020, the first city on the planet to make that commitment. This started a ten year Compassionate Cities campaign that has grown to  more than 300 cities around the world. Now, as we approach our 6th year, we seek to energize our city’s journey to compassion. Your Compassionate leaders will be preparing a proposal to take to Seattle City Council in summer 2015; we ask you to help give feedback from Seattle’s communities to show City Council our support and commitment to be the leader in Compassionate Cities.

What does a compassionate city look like? How would someone feel if they lived in a compassionate city? We strive to answer these questions along with the other cities around the world who have made this their goal. But as the first, Seattle has to be innovative and creative to set the standard for all those that follow. This will take a collective action from not just Seattle but our northwest region. It starts with your voice, your ideas and your expectations. Join us as we collect these treasures of compassion to take to our city leaders and forge ahead in our journey to be a trailblazing compassionate city!

The second March gathering will be the 4th Wednesday, March 25th, 6:30pm-8:30pm. We will be out in our communities meeting new folks, learning about their work and deepening our relationships as community. Each 4th Wednesday gathering is a mix of great conversations, storytelling, enhancing listening skills, deepening relationships and learning about the many great works across our region. Watch for details on the 3/25 location.

We look forward to being in community with you!

John Hale, Executive Director,

Regent Brown, Associate Director,


Welcome to Compassionate Seattle!


Compassionate Seattle exists to create a healthy and thriving compassion movement in Seattle and throughout the State of Washington. We convene community leaders and engage community members to address and reduce the impact of social and economic injustices. We activate relationships of respect and trust among residents within and among our neighborhoods.

What’s the significance of the red light at the top of Seattle’s landmark, the Space Needle? It’s obviously a cautionary beacon for aircraft. For those in the Compassionate Seattle movement it is also a beating heart that represents possibilities: a city working to assure that homeless have shelter, the shelves of emergency food pantries are filled, people are making a fair and equitable wage and children are receiving the best possible education. It is one collective heart working to solve seemingly insurmountable problems with conviction, determination and compassion.

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Compassionate Seattle is part of a worldwide network inspired by the Charter for Compassion. Aware that our world is deeply troubled and polarized and committed to make the world a better place, we work to establish and sustain cultures of compassion locally and globally through diverse initiatives—education, cities, business, religious and spiritual communities, and the arts. We supply resources, information and communication platforms to help create and support compassionate communities, institutions, and networks of all types that are dedicated to becoming compassionate presences in the world. Through a vibrant Charter for Compassion Partner Network we welcome and communicate the sharing of information, stories and experiences that touch the work of compassion.

The Challenge

“Compassionate Cities are Uncomfortable Cities”, says Karen Armstrong, British author and commentator.  Her point being that compassion is the virtue that compels action in response to the suffering of others.  By extension, a compassionate community will not rest if there is inadequate access to food, shelter and clothing, quality education, affordable healthcare, protection from violence and the opportunity to earn a living wage.

Compassionate Seattle is a City Initiative of the Charter for Compassion International.  Our intention is to help mobilize resources to help Seattle realize its commitment to the Charter and to work in a network as a collaborative hub for compassion in action throughout our region. 

IT’S UP TO US; please step into the circle and join with us all to make this a region of the Collective Heart!

Here are ways you can take action right now: